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In the 1970s, netball was among the three leading sports that was played by Nigerian school girls. Fastfoward to the summer of 2019, you will struggle to count with your five fingers the number of schools all over Nigeria where this game is played. Only God, sports and education administrators know how the game of netball got to this sorry situation in Nigeria. As the game is almost dead in Nigeria.

Should we walk on by, fold our hands and sigh, "there is God o! No, no, no. We have to dust ourselves up, gradually engage with progress conscious individuals, schools, government officials and NGOs; in order to make "do nothing" a thing of the past in the Nigerian netball ecosystem. Laying the foundation for the grassroots development of netball in the six geo-political zones of Nigeria is a big task. But CSED Initiative is not afraid to try. As we have no choice than to "take positive action." The ultimate goal is the 2027 Netball World Cup.